Monday, December 5, 2016

Rampagers gonna rampage

the next unit in my latest batch of painted things was the completion of the Rampager squad. These guys were very fun to put together, as the models allowed for a great degree of dynamism in the poses.
 photo RAMP5.jpg
From a lore standpoint, these gentlemen are essentially a bunch of borderline psychopaths who eschew ranged weapons in favor of gladiatorial instruments on the battlefield.
 photo RAMP1.jpg
I tried out a slightly different mix for the blue, employing Vallejo's Enchanted Blue. In all honesty, I feel like the older mix was better, so will probably stick with that from here on out.
 photo RAMP4.jpg
As with the other World Eaters, I decided to not use homogenous armor mark types, but instead mix and match the various components, as I feel this is a much more appropriate, rag-tag theme for the World Eaters, who would constantly be losing bits of kits and having their techmarines just stick whatever was available/scavenged back on in place.
 photo RAMP3.jpg
MVP: Stabby McStabberson here
 photo RAMP2.jpg

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Ultramarine Tartaros Termis

So, after painting up the rather unfortunate Ultramarine on Angron's base a few weeks back I was inspired to continue my venture into cerulean central and continue work on the 13th legion. With the release of Prospero I was really impressed by the Tartaros terminator set, but felt that their aesthetic didn't necessary suit the World Eaters particularly well and that they would be much more effective done up as some Ultras.

 photo TSMURFS1.jpg
After the persistent nerve wrack that is painting the World Eater's white, I've found blue a far more chill color to work with and these were by far some of the most fun minis I've done in some time.
 photo TSMURFS2.jpg
Weathering was a tad more muted this time around; nevertheless, I felt the chipping still suited them quite well. At the same time, I tended to avoid the out-and-out rust and grime I employed on the WEs
 photo TSMURFS3.jpg
The Tartaros set itself was very impressive, offering even more options than the Cat termis, including a full spectrum of heavy weapon options. The only thing missing were combi attachments for the bolters.
 photo TSMURFS4.jpg
Base scheme was Vallejo air Ultramarine blue modulated up to Vallejo Light Sea Blue. I then hit it the unsealed figure with a filter of AK interactive blue black oil wash for further toning.
 photo TSMURFS5.jpg
The light brass effect was achieved with a 75/25 mix of Vallejo Old Gold and Vallejo model air Steel. I then applied straight Steel to highlight the edges and points of weathering.
 photo TSMURFS6.jpg
Overall, very fun and a good force to mix up with the WE's to preserve my sanity :)

Friday, November 11, 2016


Continuing the World Eater endeavor this week with some big dude, combining elements of both the plastic GW kit and its Forge World counterpart -
 photo Cats1.jpg
 photo Cats2.jpg photo Cats3.jpg
And here they are with the Praetor I posted a few weeks back

 photo Cats4.jpg
I also went back to Angry Ron and gave him his full base, although I did leave off the third, awkward marine on that one
 photo Angry11.jpg photo Angry2.jpg photo Angry3.jpg
Kinda have a hankering to do smurfs now....

Next on the to do list is a Leviathan Siege Dread - stay tuned!

Sunday, November 6, 2016


This past couple weeks I thought I would have a crack at a World Eater vehicle. While I've got a Spartan sitting on the back burner, I thought I'd tackle something a tad smaller to begin with to try and get a sense of painting something this large in white. I decided to have a crack at a Deimos predator, just to get back to my roots, as this was a very common vehicle style in 2nd ed 40k back when I was a lad.
 photo Pred1.jpg
Being me, I couldn't leave a the beast in a nice factory floor finish, so decided to give him a weathering job that would make the Death Guard proud.
 photo Pred2.jpg
Scheme was a standard modulation pattern. Rather than try and mask off sections of the hull to be blue, I instead opted to go a simpler (lazier) route and paint the sponsons and turret in the luminous blue o the World Eaters. Had I been a tad more strategic I probably also would have done the same to the exhaust cowls. Oh well, next time!
 photo Pred4.jpg
Decals were all from the standard Forge World WE set. It would be nice if they would release a slightly more diverse sheet, as they are fairly limited in their stylings at the moment. I'm still not sure if the varied symbols actually represent specific companies and chapters, apart from the dog heads alluding to the pre-Angron War Hounds.

 photo Pred5.jpg
Mud and blood were applied liberally. I really wanted to convey the brutal nature of the chapter in this fellow and felt that a Butcher's Nails-driven individual might prefer to run over his enemies rather than rely on his more optimal standoff capacity.
 photo Pred7.jpg
The joy of 30k is, of course, the ability to go bananas with the weathering. I'm now quite keen to start my next WE vehicle - either the Spartan or a Leviathan Siege dread.
 photo Pred6.jpg

Sunday, October 30, 2016



Finally got enough time to put the work into this beast that was required. The general idea was to create a rebel/Chaos guard unit that, while readily identifiable as such, hadn't gone full degenerate cultist. This is naturally in contrast to 99% of GW imagery, which seems to imply that when one shrugs off the totalitarian mantle of the Imperium they immediately turn into a slavering subhuman
 photo SH10.jpg
Instead, I opted to maintain the general weathered and standardized feel of a Guard vehicle, with a few identification markers to separate them out from their loyalist brethren.
 photo SH8.jpg
 photo SH9.jpg
The scheme was an upscaled version of the one I employed on my epic Krieg stuff a while back. I feel like the olive/yellow disruptive pattern is really quite a nice balance aesthetically.
 photo SH7.jpg
Weathering was applied liberally. This was meant to look like a vehicle that had probably been in the field for many months, if not years.
  photo SH6.jpg
Apart from the standard stars, I added a few other small markings to indicate it as part of the traitor forces, including a few Cholchisian runes and some weird geometric markings from the Calth box.
 photo SH4.jpg photo SH5.jpg
I have loved the Stormhammer design for a long time. It really embodies everything a superheavy tank should be in my mine. My only disappointment is that the FW turret did not include the original double cannon configuration.
 photo SH1_1.jpg photo SH2_1.jpg
 photo SH3.jpg
I've ordered a tank commander to cap it off from Bolt Action's Soviet range - once again, this will help emphasize the normalcy of the forces over the usual deranged sadomasochistic pervert that GW loves to stick in the cupola of their traitor tanks. I may also add some stowage in a while, simply because something of this size simply shouts out to be covered with a bunch of random crap.
And just to prove I haven't been entirely idle with my World Eaters, heres a commander I finished:
 photo Lord1_1.jpg photo Lord2_1.jpg
As well as some rampagers, who still need their bases finished!

 photo testor1.jpg

Friday, October 14, 2016

Something.....large is coming

Waiting for some chaos star stencils, then its on to a rather intense weathering process!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Khurasan Sci Fi Grav Tanks

And now for something completely different - a couple new grav vehicles Khurasan commissioned me to paint.

First one was done in my usual weathered style and modeled as if part of a future US army unit, using a bright splinter urban/snow camo scheme. I wanted it to look as if it had been in operation for months:

 photo Grav2.jpg  photo Grav1.jpg  photo Grav3.jpg  photo Grav4.jpg
If anyone is interested, this fellow is up for grabs for $40 USD

Next was a very different looking beast that inspired me to err away from my usual weathering scheme and instead try out much more clean look. I also tried something I never had attempted before - glow effects. I think they turned out fairly well!

 photo Grav5.jpg  photo Grav6.jpg  photo Grav7.jpg  photo Grav8.jpg  photo Grav9.jpg  photo Grav10.jpgAs above, if anyone is interested in this fellow, hes up for sale for $30 USD

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Panzer Gruppen '85

I live! Yes, time is in much shorter supply these days, so progress on hobby has been considerably restricted. Nevertheless, I was able to put together a small Bundeswehr force using Battlefront's new line. The nice thing about the German forces in the game is that they are so pricey in points cost that you only need to do a few of them to have a fairly hefty force at your disposal.

First up, we have the Leopard 2A1s, an absolute beast during this period with heavy frontal armor and a ridiculous gun capable of knocking a T-72 into the Russian Far East.

These kits were quite lovely and definitely an assembly improvement over the Abrams. My two gripes with them were the mounting hooks on the ablative side armor are extremely delicate and will break off very easily when handled, as well as the fact there was no additional turret armor to make the Leopard 2A5, which to me is really he most iconic version of this vehicle.

Camo was standard NATO woodland, with the disruptive colors done in free hand, rather than masking (imo just looks superior)

Next up were a couple Gepards to keep Hinds out of my hair. These were resin kits and cast quite cleanly.

For some reason the guns were fixed in their position, which was a bit disappointing, however, the radars were able to be mounted in any direction.

With their long barrel 30mm cannons, they are certainly a lot more impressive looking than the Shilka or Vulcan


To cap it off, I did a panzergenadier Zug to sieze and occupy territory.

Infantry was a fairly standard BF affair - not the highest quality sculpts, but certainly characterful, and nice to have some modern guys with G3s and MG3s, I can foresee some Iran-Iraq was enthusiasts rubbing their hands in glee!

I painted these employing the Battlefront modern German set. I must say that these weren't the most impressive of paints I've encountered, with Vallejo still seeming to top out the quality scale. The 'bullet bottles' feel extremely cringey, too. It was nice to do some non-camo troops for once, however.

The Marder 1A1s were excellent kits, although I do worry about the fragility  of that Milan system on the turret.

Overall, a fun little side project, but I am finding myself beset with Team Yankee fatigue at this point and doubt I will probably delve into the upcoming British release. From here on I'm not actually sure where I will go with future hobby, perhaps back to my World Eaters? I've been listening to Praetorian of Dorn lately and have a hankering to perhaps dabble in some super sneaky Alpha Legion types. Who knows...