Friday, July 30, 2010

Wargames Factory Greatcoats: Review for conversion potential

A few months ago when the Wargames Factory posted the teasers of their upcoming greatcoat range my interest was piqued. I'm not a massive fan of 40k these days, but I did enjoy the Death Korps range put out by forge world, and the prospect of creating a unique looking 'new' guard regiment has always been something I have liked the idea of. I decided to do the big order - the 120ish range - and for just over a hundred dollars it seemed extremely reasonable in a hobby where one's wallet can quickly be depleted with the purchase of just a few little mans.

Then I waited, and waited and waited and waited. Here was the clincher - despite the awesome pricing and quality, the unfortunate implementation of Murphy's law meant that the release of the plastic greatcoats was delayed well over a month. Luckily I was finishing up my degree and had plenty of other side projects to focus on so it wasn't much of a deal for me.

A few days ago I arrived home to find a chunky box sitting on my doorstep, and low and behold inside resided over a hundred little potential warhams mans. I cracked it open and got to work.


5 Greatcoats made up with a mix of GW, West Wind, and MaxMini parts

The first thing you will notice is these guys are perfectly scaled with the 40k range, and mixing and matching the various lines is not an issue. The plastic itself is of a similar softness to the GW product and lends itself easily to remoulding through head and cutting.


Despite the large amount of derision I encountered in the various 40k forums around the place the detail is more than acceptable and on par with the GW plastic guard range. These are certainly not up to the standards of the FW Elysians or Death Korps, but that is the difference in working with plastic over resin. I also heard complaints about the amount of 'folds' in the coats, but I have to say when you hold the minis in hand its not something you notice, perhaps those that find this an issue need to stop obsessively staring at pictures on the internet for hours on end.


Accessories are mixed. The rifles are suitably beefy, and I found once you removed the massive weights at the base of the grips and added a lasgun muzzle they fit right in with the 40k imagery. Webbing is pretty lax, and I have found you really need to add GW gear to bulk them up. The shotguns are a nice touch for vets, but the pistol arm is utterly dismal and looks more like a miniature welding device than something for combat. There are also an enormous amount of heads that come with each sprue. One range is straight out of Killzone, and another Star Wars. There are also bare heads, but they are pretty lax on the detail side of things. Finally you have the Cthulhu head which will be useful for those Chaos Cult type guys out there.


Comparison to GW Vostroyan

Overall if you are looking for a bit of a change from the same old Cadian/Catachan lines give these guys a go. At the price they are it really isn't much of a loss if you decide you hate them, and the more money that goes to the Wargames Factory the more interesting releases we can bank on for the future.


  1. Never read 40K forums. They are populated by trolls.

  2. The Wst Wind helmets are a simple but very clever idea (and one I didn't think of for 40k - doh!)

  3. Seriously nice conversion work!

    I had a similar idea but using the Soviet Style Cold Weather Fur Hats etc..

    Thanks for sharing.


  4. "Never read 40K forums. They are populated by trolls."

    Aren't all wargaming forums??