Sunday, November 21, 2010

AAR: Cleric Grab

Played a fine little game today with Syrian Republican Guard versus Brotherhood combatants. The idea was that in the run up to the US invasion of Syria there have been numerous Islamic uprisings across the state, and that government forces have had to crack down hard. Syrian Intel has pin pointed a particularity outspoken cleric and dispatched an understrength RG Mech infantry platoon to pick him up. Government forces must clear buildings in surrounding area and escort the cleric back to be detained.

The mission setup is as follows:

8 Turns/Variable

Republican Guard Forces:
2 Fireteams each armed with an AK, RPG and RPD mounted in a BMP-1P

2 Fireteams each armed with an AK, RPG and RPD mounted in a BMP-1P



Per insurgent Killed - 1
successfully find and exfil cleric - 15

Extra rules: Each building must be searched, on a roll of 4 or LESS the cleric has been found. First building roll a D 20, second a D 12, third a D10, Force a D8. If all buildings are searched and cleric is not found it has been bad intell, exfiltrate area.

Firing ordnance weapons at building requires a quality check, if failed you have killed civilians - lose a point

Insurgent forces:

2 Fireteams with 2 AKs, 1 RPG, 1 RPD


Per Republican Guard Killed - 2
Per BMP Killed - 5
Per T-72 Killed - 10

extra rules: D3 fireteams arrive every turn as word spread that RG forces are searching for our beloved leader.


Turn 1

RG armored forces occupy the center street and take up over watch while infantry moves in on the south east building, crashing through the lobby to screams of civilians the troopers find the building does not contain the mufti and head upstairs to cover the street.

Meanwhile the other fire team move south of the building, but are opened up on from the adjacent hotel, killing one trooper and seriously injuring another. the sole remaining soldier returns fire but to no effect. Suddenly there is a dull crack and the T-72 announces itself, killing three of the insurgents in the hotel and pinning the remainder. the other RG fire teams take this opportunity to pour it on and finish off the last shell shocked insurgent in the hotel.

to the to the north an RPG arcs out of the old warehouse, crashing into the lead BMP and throwing its track, lightly injuring the driver. The BMP and its compatriot return fire, killing three more insurgents and leaving a single RPG gunner in the dust.


Turn 2:

A single group of insurgents arrives and one of the RG fireteams takes the opportunity in the lull to charge across open ground to the hotel. Quickly clearing the rooms they find nothing except some Filipino guest workers huddled in a broom closet.


The covering fire team left out to the south of the south west building are joined by the sole survivor of b team and head inside the block.

The militants take this opportunity to storm the hotel again from the other direction. With little to gain in holding on and more buildings to check, the RG NCO orders his troops to fall back out front of the south east building already occupied by Syrian government forces, leaving the hotel to the rebels.

Turn 3

Several more militant groups arrive behind the north west warehouse and from the south, and the RG troops are feeling the pressure. Teams in the south east building open up at near point blank range on the hotel, decimating the militants inside and leaving the sole RPG gunner pinned. Out of nowhere a militant machine gun team appears, only to be gunned down by the weight of RG fire.


The team that fell back from the hotel charge across the haze filled street for the apartment blocks in the north east, but receive fire from some of the newly arrived militants, lightly wounding one and pinning the team down right in front of the building.

The T-72 rotates its turret to deal with the remaining Insurgent in the warehouse, but a lucky RPG shot arcs out and strikes the turret ring. The HEAT warhead spikes through, splashing into the autoloader carousel and setting off a chain reaction that leavings the tank a smoking ruin. The combat pauses for a second to take in the spectacle.


Turn 5

3 more militant groups arrive, things are getting hairy. RG forces in the South West building pour it on, killing several more militants across the sector. The BMPs do their bit too, pinning down two more militant teams with KIA.

Finally the Fireteam reach the apartment blocks, kicking in doors they find the cleric huddled behind a bed


Turn 6

three more militant groups arrive and the situation is fast becoming untenable, with the south east building beginning to resemble Swiss cheese. More fire erupted from neighboring buildings, lightly wounding several more RG troops. Finally the Sargent in the occupied building hurls a smoke grenade. Seeing the opportune moment has arrived, the fire team with the cleric charges out into the street to disappear in the smoke. Mission accomplished!


Final tallies:

1 badly wounded
4 KIA (including tank crew)

~ 20 KIA/Badly wounded

RG Score:
Cleric Caught - 15 points
20 killed/badly wounded - 20
killed civilians - - 1

Total: 34

Militia Score:

2 killed/badly wounded - 4

T-72 killed - 10

total: 14

A great little game, and definitely not 'predestined'. The T-72 loss was a real blow and very much out of the blue for me. Fog Of War cards were a minimum and easily dealt with as they came up


  1. Looks like a fun game.
    1/. Who makes the building you use?
    2/. Did you make the cloth roads yourself or are they commercially available?

  2. Thanks gents!

    David -

    1. Fieldworks in the UK
    2. The Roads are by Hotz Matz and are lovely