Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a b-Radical update: how to get a proper tan, US army tan that is

It often seems some times the old US desert tan is a contest color on par with Dunkgelb. Across the Internets people argue about its true hue, which paints to use, and where it is employed.

The truth of course is not any one particular thread, but something in the middle.

Hummers painted in tan at ft Benning are a very different palor when compared with those in sand land, I can tell you from personal experience. Sun, sand and dust all come together to erode, stain and bleach army tan into an innumerable amount of shades and hues, leaving a very wide berth for us modelers to work with. So if you are stressing over just how accurate your forces are, dont! The truth is there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to shades of tan. They range everywhere from orange brown to an almost bleached bone color.

Now that thats over with I give you this weeks update, a platoon of M2A3s with the BUSK (Bradely Urban Survival Kit) upgrade). These things make T-55s look like Mini Coopers state wise! naturally they are painted tan ;)




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