Wednesday, November 24, 2010

M1A2 SEP with TUSK

Got another Johnnie Lightning M1A1 in the mail and decided to upgrade it to a M1A2SEP with TUSK.

The main visual different between the A1 and the A2 is the gunner's thermal sight which appears as a large cylinder just forward of the loaders hatch, easily remedied with some plasticard. After that I decided to add a slightly more advanced commanders cupola, as seen on the later generation TUSKs, with complete frontal arc protection. Th .50 on the commanders hatch is also simplified over the A1, so I used a paper clip to simulate that, and added a protective shield over the top. Afterwords it was just a case of updating everything else in line with the previous M1A1 TUSK, loader's M240 with shielding, coaxial .50cal, side ERA platting and telephone unit on the rear.



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