Sunday, June 26, 2011

AAR: Jahra Highway blockade

Synopsis: After successfully crossing the Iraqi border and occupying Basra, Iranian forces of the 92nd armored set south to capture the small Arab kingdom of Kuwait. Assembling on the Iraq-Kuwaiti border, large Iranian armored formations began charging down the Jahra highway towards Kuwait city. Given the speed of the advance US and Saudi forces were only able to assemble ad-hoc blocking units to stymie this advance.

Background: We played this game using a modified Force on Force ruleset that was rebuilt for 6mm, adding a command and control element, as well as range caps, damage simplifications, and an array of other changes that better streamlined it for company/battalion sized engagements.


In this scenario an understrength platoon of USMC infantry backed by a couple Abrams faced a determined attack from an Iranian armored spearhead. The odds were not stacked in the marines favor, and it seemed unlikely they could stop the attack. Iranian objectives were primarilly focused on achieving a breakthrough, with the destruction of the opfor not required to achieve victory.

The USMC commander assembled his forces in the sparse suburban areas south along the highway and waited with baited breath as the rumble of tank engines drew near.

Turn 1 - 3

With heavy Saudi and US air defense assets in place, Iranians were forced to recon in force with armor. An mechanized platoon was sent to screen and probe US and Saudi positions, but as it crossed into the AO the CO decided to halt for a hydration check, causing the column to pause in the open in sights of a concealed M1 who made its presence known with the detonation of lead BMP.


As dazed infantry stumbled out of the smoking carrier, the rest of the platoon hastily drove towards cover out of the sight of the M1.

To the west the 1st platoon of the Iranian tank company arrived, and immediately began a brief and brutal exchange with the other M1. Meanwhile a concealed Javelin team had also broad its tube to bear, and in the end only a lone stunned T-72 remained.


More Iranian armor poured into the battle, 2nd platoon driving straight down the main highway, the third platoon emerging from behind the steaming hulks of its unfortunate sister unit


Iranian CAS and artillery had come online, and were directed towards the lead M1. 2S1 shells inundated the beleagured tank, but as the smoke cleared, it remained unscathed. The same could not be said for the fire team stationed in the building next to it, and their deaths broke the chain of command between the platoon CO and the units stationed behind the forward trenchline. Guided by an FAC a Mig-29 took aim at the Abrams, but quickly became more interested in dodging missiles the size of telegraph poles, and decided to leave the aerodrome over the battlefield permanently.


Turn 4 - 6

The remaining T-72 of first platoon attempted to exact revenge for its fallen brethren on the Javelin team, but it was too late, and another huge missile punched through its deck armor as its shot went wide. Despite its ineffectiveness, the blast did manage to cause the team to put its head down. With the lull in fire, the Iranian tank platoon driving down the highway took the opportunity to finally deal with the pesky ATGM, and three cannon shots latter there was little more than red mist left in the fox hole they had occupied.

on the left flank 3rd platoon opened up on the dug in M1, the 2 shots of the T-72s glanced off, with return fire from the Abrams and another Javelin team leaving two more smashed ruins. The T-90 faired better, however, and the M1's chobam armor failed, leaving the behemoth silent. The T-90 commander had no time to reflect on this impressive kill, however, as a Predator drone loosed a hellfire and left his tank just as dead.



As the tied seemed to be turning against the USMC a lucky break occured in the form of a Saudi M60 platoon arriving from the south, but no sooner had they appeared then another salvo of 2S1 fire fell on their heads, knocking out 2 of the convoy, destroyed the remaining nearby M1, and killed 2 jarheads in the building near by. As the stunned Saudi armor attempted to regroup, the T-72s of 3rd platoon swooped in, picking of the remaining tanks.


2 newly arrived Shilkas appeared behind the mech infantry platoon and shredded the remaining Javelin team. As they guns cooled an A-10 appeared, dropping a 500 pound JDAM in the midst of the assembled light armor, and leaving most of it destroyed or disabled.


Turn 7 - 8

With time running out the Iranians decided to make a move, the T-72s of third platoon sped down the highway at high speeds in an attempt to break through the USMC defence. Little did they know that within the suburban buildings were numerous hidden fireteams, and as they closed rockets began arcing out of the smoke and dust. A Saudi Tornado materalized out of the clouds and tore straight at the tanks, but as it banked over them they were revealed burning, and the jet continued on, burdened by its ordnance.


US/Saudi victory

Overall a great and tense game, with numerous swings back and forth. The artillery strike by the 2S1s completely shattered my initial plan, but then the A-10 completely reveresed the situation. The final push by the T-72s nearly worked, and it was only the last 2 At-4 shots that managed to halt it in its tracks. With a few minor adjustments FOF has shown itself to be an incredibly flexible system for playing at this size!


  1. Looks a very interesting game. Are the mods you made available for download anywhere?