Saturday, February 18, 2012

Elhiem Iranians? Elhiem Iranians.

Since no one produces actual modern Iranians I thought I would give it a shot using a bunch of Elhiem's CW German and NATO infantry. I'm sure the rivet counters (read: me) among us can find fault, but I think with the right paint job it doesn't matter TOO much ;)

This guys actually took considerably longer than my US army dudes, since I decided to mix up the uniforms and give them a big more of a rag-tag look. I think it makes the end results more interesting though. I've gone with a combination of DCU (US late 90s-early 2000s), Choc Chip(US 80s - 90s) and Duck Hunter (AUSCAM desert) camo , all of which the Iranians produce domestically or import. I kept the webbing and boots consistent to give them some uniformity as well.

One particularity fun aspect of an Iranian project is the fact that Iran has such a wide variety of equipment in service due to its interesting history. Rifles in service range from the G3 to the AK-47/74 to Nornico knockoffs of the M16. Armor is similarity eclectic; APCs and IFVs under arms include the M113, the BMP (including a domestically produced family of vehicles based of the chassis known as the Boragh) and some Chinese gear. Tanks, too, are really mixed up with plenty of British, US and Soviet vehicles in the stockpile. Fun fun!

Despite the time required I'm going to need a fair few more of these guys than I will US troops, and I plan on mixing in more schemes, like US woodland, into the mix for future batches.



I also decided to outfit the force with some armor other than the standard T-72/T-55 combo that seems prevalent these days. Picked up an old Esci T-62M kit off the bay and decided to kitbash it into a T-62MV, I do love my bricks.



I'll be painting up this bad boy in a big lot of upcoming armor which will continue my QRF project as well