Thursday, August 9, 2012

Chaos dwarves??? In my Modern Warfare???

Just a little update for a side project I am working on. As previously mentioned my club has started up a 10mm fantasy thing and I decided to try out some kaos dorfs for something a bit different. We are using the Kings Of War ruleset, which from my reading seems far more appropriate to the 10mm field than the 28mm range they are marketing with it. Anyway, the 1,500 point army is now assembled and prepped.


In there we've got:
1 big guy on a flying bull
1 unit of golem minotaurs
2 units of dragon/dorfs
1 fuckoff cannon
2 units of gun guys
2 units of elite 2 handed weapon guys
2 big units of grunts

should be a fun change of painting, I'm guessing lots of bronze and oxide pigments.


  1. Awww, what a cute wee army! What manufacturer are they made by? Hope to see some painted figs soon!

  2. It's about time that you did some decent stuff..... now about some Sci-Fi!!!!!!