Saturday, October 20, 2012

First siegemasters fire team

Feeling a little frisky I decided to take on some 28mm scifi guys. Using some  Krieg models I obtained through a certain Chinese individual I replaced the head with some of Westwind's scifi brits and added a few other odds and sods to the mix.

Color-wise I wanted to go with something a bit different than my usual military drab, so thought I might try a sort of WW1 French blue style. Webbing was painted in a camo ochre which added a nice contrast. Masks were left black with glowing green eyes to add to the ominous effect. The end result is a very rubbery looking finish that seems appropriate in the horrible chem/bio/rad environments these guys would be fighting in. Then again, having done a few laps in MOPP gear I can't say it would be very viable to stay in these kind of duds for too long.

Oh well, grimdark and all that.

Grunts were given the standard rifles with some added optics, while the corporal has a 'counts as' bolt pistol/sword in the form of a SMG.

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  1. Very nice combination of colors and play with light. I like them!