Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Build me a battlefield worthy of Mordor

As the club seems to be getting more srs about 10mm fantasy I decided to make a portable battlefield to conduct squarebashing upon. Given my lack of familiarity with fantasy-style games I was tempted to fill the thing with terrain, but have been advised by multiple individuals that this might put a crimp in the maneuvering of large formations, so I decided to keep it sparse with a couple major features.


The main idea was to have a couple elevated areas for artillery, as well as something central to catch the eye. I decided a nice big road would do the job and cut up some textured cobblestone plasticard with my Chopper. Paint-wise I was originally going to go for an all-red finish, but after achieving that realised it was far too monochromatic, so mixed in some gray patches and some splodges of volcanic 'ash' along with a few tufts of some rather sick-looking grass.


I wanted something a bit different for the towers but the internet turned up little until I happened upon a rather limited range of ancient Muslim buildings by Kerr and King. I really liked the square squat look of the things and they seemed to fit with the type of architecture I imagine evil dwarfs to hold with. I left them unattached so they can be easily repositioned for the scenario


I liked the idea of them being rendered out of pure basalt by their architects, so painted them German gray with a light drybrush and finished with a dark oil wash to pick out the details. Simple and effective.

Next up I gotta get the infantry painted to actually game with!

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