Thursday, December 20, 2012

Shemaghs: not just for hipsters

been somewhat aimlessly painting of late and somehow managed to get a bunch of generic insurgents done up:


These guys are a mix of Elhiem, Vepa and Weefriends(whom I suspect has the same sculptor as Vepa and UFM) The thing I always have dreaded about insurgents is the sheer variety of color schemes to use. Given the plurality of civilian clothes, this often leads to a massive time sink as the painter attempts to give his canon fodder more variety. I was able to get a pattern on the shemaghs that I was happy with. Previously I had used stark white against the red and blue backgrounds, but I found that using a highlighted color of the base more effective as its not really possible to see pure white at this scale.

Photobucket Photobucket

Another issue for the purist is the types of attire worn. While most of these guys can do the generic Islamic country thing pretty well. Other figures are decked out in the more traditional garb of central Asia that can look down right in a game representing the Syrian or Libyan civil conflicts. At the same time its unlikely that you would witness blue jeans being worn in the mountains around Korengal, so you are somewhat stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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Vepa's range of militia figures from the Lebanese civil conflict had a few unexpected treats. One fellow in particular appeared to have a fairly generic-looking RPG which I take to be a WW2-era bazooka, but with the right paint job instead turns into an RPG-29. This will be particularly tasty in games where you see waves of insurgents breaking against the impenetrable armor of an M1 or a Challenger.

Photobucket Photobucket

I also waded back into painting UCP (exhausting) and added a few more specialists into the ever-expanding US army group. This time I did up a out-of-box M240G gunner by Elhiem and a conversion of a British trooper with an XM-25(wtf?) that Dan was kind enough to pass my way, headswaped with an Elhiem US army guy. The end result: I cant discern the difference and now have a FP 2 ignores cover grenadier! :)


  1. These look just amazing. I really like the use of the highlight color on the shemagh. I think I might steal that :)

    The guy with the track shirt is tops as well... definitely at place in the Syrian Revolution, but you might be right about it being a little out of place in the Afghan mountains :)

    All in all great figure and an outstanding paint job.

  2. Great variety in those insurgents, & fantastic camo on the soldiers.