Friday, April 12, 2013

I'm back, baby!

And the reinforcements are rolling in.....

IPB Image


  1. Nice. Where did you get the BAR armour for the strykers?

  2. And were did you get the Strykers while we are at it. lol

    1. The "normal" M1126 Strykers are available in 1/72 - sets are manufactured by Trumpeter or Academy.
      Though I´d be interested where taco got the BAR-armour and the other Arty-stryker...

  3. Thanks gents. The Bar armor is a custom brass etch sheet I got from Dougie. The MGS is from Beasts of War

  4. Nice, mate!!! Good to see you back on track with producing some awesome paintjobs on that 20mm armor models BTW, what brand are the BMP-2s ?

    Chris (Scream)

  5. Hey Chris,

    Thanks! Its great to be back!

    The BMPs are by Liberation minis and are the late-era uparmored turrets. Probably my favorite BMP-2 out there as its a nice balance between accurate tooling and easy construction/cast cleanliness.

  6. RH Liberation? His website lists them as "out of stock" since a long time. When did you buy these??

  7. very recently. They must have come up and sold out.

  8. Guess its worth checking Rolf's site more often :-D Looking forward to the final results after painting. I guess those are becoming Irani troops?

  9. Hehe, my 'Iranian' troops are becoming 'generic ME opfor'. I want to wargame some Syrian stuff, but unfortunately half my infantry are armed with G3s and Mg3s so we have to keep it quite liberal :)

    But yea these are all destined for 'that' team. They will be joined by the T-90s, even though no one in the Middle East proper actually utilizes it.