Sunday, May 19, 2013

Oorah, Devil Dog

Just a little update this week with the beginnings of my USMC infantry for the Syrian campaign.

I wanted these guys to look more rag-tag than the US army fellas, so I mixed the uniforms between woodland and desert MARPAT. I also gave each color scheme a bit more variation to represent various stages of wear and fading.

 photo USMC1_zpse55c99a3.jpg  photo USMC2_zps4d1a7875.jpg

I also wanted to have a greater variation of equipment and try and present them as 'modern' as possible, so purists might be gnashing their teeth a bit in noticing several M4s and a SCAR in there. While I once was very much into faithful reproductions, I'm fast finding my philosophy transform to 'whatever falls in the general area'. This allows me to use a broader range of miniatures, as I've integrated Elhiem's US army and rangers into this. Looking forward to getting a platoon-sized element done. It will be slow, though; they are very tiring to paint! :)


  1. As usual, really nice paint job. I like the ad hoc feel of the guys.

    Only thing I have found that you might be interested in. If you want them be as modern as possible, the green novax gloves aren't really used anymore and they now use gloves that are issued which are the same color as their uniform or after market gloves which are usually tan.

    That being said... I really like how green gloves look :)

  2. Will keep in mind for the next batch, Nickster :)

    1. I can't really find any hard evidence to back up what I said, however I have a lot of friends in the USMC and they criticized my models pretty hard just on the Green Gloves I painted. All of them said no one wears them anymore. If you do a google search of USMC in Afghanistan, you should be able to see what I mean. Everyone is wearing something tan/khaki

  3. Really terrific. I love the green gloves on the figures - they're very distinctive - but that's such a great comment from LittleNicky its hard to ignore. Really excellent camo work on the Devil Dogs and absolutely first class basing as well!

  4. Kind of in unfamiliar territory with 15mm. Just a query, where do u get all of your modern armor and US Modern Soldiers from? What brands?

  5. Fantastic work, very nice detailing of the camo.

  6. great stuff! they really look rough and ready! certainly a mean looking fighting force that has been stuck in a not so nice environment for a while. great stuff. But how will they fare? well they should do very well but you never know and I am always keep to see unexpected outcomes. well most of the time.

    and as for the green gloves... well perhaps the different environment means that they decided to wear them or that these are new gloves in the same colour as the old green ones... just an idea.

  7. Thanks guys! I'm sure the glove issue will resolve itself :P

    Jiaqi: these are actually 20mm figs by Elhiem. I tend to source my armor from all over, including Dragon, Revell, SandS, Cromwell etc etc.

  8. The brushwork is excellent but when combined with great bases it looks 400% better!

    I recognised the grass tufts and small rocks/ballast you have used but what is the other type of clump foliage you are using on the base?

    Any chance of a tutorial on the basing alone?

    I love the mixed look of uniforms and equipment. Out in the field sometimes you have to make do with what you have. Steven Hill's Defence Budget only goes so far ;P

    Happy Gaming,


  9. Hey Allan,

    The clump foliage is just some woodland scenics light green bushes.

  10. These look very nice. What colors did you use for the temperate MARPAT?

  11. excellent work Tim

    Sunny Australia