Sunday, June 9, 2013

Saudi/Iranian cityfight

So Dan and I tried out some TINYFOF; a modified ruleset for bigger-sized engagements with a simplification of some of the heavier dynamics and a few added elements, like range.

The settup was pretty simple, with an Iranian force of 2 tank platoons and a mech platoon facing off against a Saudi tank platoon and a mech platoon in Genericsville, UAE. The objective was to capture a key junction.

We also got to use the 10mm drop zone commander city in a box set, which is boss as tits.

IPB Image

The Iranians naturally got the initiative and headed up the side, with the two tank platoons fanning out ahead of the BMPs. In response, the Saudis began to maneuver their M60s to best cover the main road.

IPB Image

As the T-62s began crossing the park ahead of the infantry, the T-62M platoon engaged in a brutal, rapid fight with the M60s along the main road. At the end, two m60s burned in exchange for the entire Iranian tank platoon.

Meanwhile the Saudi infantry began to crowd around the main buildings north of the junction, while the Iranian infantry dismounted and began humping it through the urban jungle further north. The T-62 platoon headed down past the central park and began exchanging fire with the remaining M60s. Oddly, the Saudis weren't up to the task, and the remaining armor went up in smoke. Desperately, a couple AMX-10s tried to lend their 20mm cannon fire to the fight, but results were predictable.

IPB Image

The Saudi infantry stormed into the building and began pouring it on the advancing mech platoon. Despite several attempted RPG shots, a much-hated Iranian BMP stood its ground and the Saudi resistance was slowly worn down. At the same time, the tanks flanked around, positioning themselves dead centre in the junction, out of range of Saudi RPG fire. With little chance for survival, the battered Saudis surrendered to the mercy of their Persian foes.


Things that were learned from tinyfof:

Limiting ranges is cool and adds an interesting dynamic to the FOF reaction rules.

Unit cohesion rules give more of a sense of order, rather than just having a bunch of fire teams and tank running around doing whatever the frak they want.

simplified armor and casualty rules allows for a very rapid and yet satisfying progression to the game.

dropzone commander tiles are the beezneez


  1. By TinyFOF do u mean 1/285 scale? And wow.. Nice City Setup! Is it to scale with 1/285 and how do you get one of those?

  2. Hey Jiaqi,

    we use an abstracted version of FOF in 1/285, alongside the 10mm card city available from Dropzone Commander.