Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Syrian Scouts

Another new addition to the SAAF cluster is the S-model BRDM-2. Once again, S-model shows itself to be filling a niche with simple, highly detailed models of which wargamers should be scrambling for.

 photo BRDM3.jpg
 photo BRDM1.jpg photo BRDM2.jpg
I also finished some testers for SAAF troops. Standard woodland BDUs with AKsand a mix of PASG and older Soviet helmets. I am hoping to maintain a bit of a ragtag look to these guys, as in the case of dude #3, to really emphasize the long-running attrition the loyalists have been facing.

 photo Syrtest1.jpg

 photo Syrtest2.jpg


  1. I think you achieved what you were going for with the SAAF. Look pretty badass.

  2. Are those underfire miniatures? If so how do they compare to Elhiem? They look really nice. You are amassing quite the force :)

  3. Same question as LittleNicky.

    They look great!

  4. they are a combination of Under Fire and VEPA, they are a tiny bit taller than elhiem, but definitely mesh well with them!

  5. A great collection you are accumulating. The underfire figures look really neat. You sure they mesh well and it won;t look like a bunch of legolases and bilbo baggins together? (If you get what I mean.)

  6. Thanks guys.

    Jiaqi - as I've mentioned in the review, UFM and Elhiem work very well next to one another.