Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review: Zvezda's modern Russian Infantry

As many of you will be aware, Zvezda is in the process of releasing a new board game based on a hypothetical Cold War gone hot exchange between the Soviets and the USA. Oddly enough, the miniatures for this game are being released in a variety of scales: Infantry is 1/72; AFVs are 1/100; and aircraft are 1/144.

Quality-wise, reviews have been mixed. Although the T-72BM that has been shown appears quite solid, its Abrams counterpart is abysmal. Thankfully, neither of these were a concern for me, as I remain firmly rooted in 20mm, so my interest was piqued by the infantry offerings. Always up for a good AK-weilding sculpt, I bought a few packets at an extremely cheap price, thinking that if they sucked there would be no real loss.

 photo Zvez1.jpg
Each box contains five figures in separate poses. Two are equipped with AK-74s, one with an RPG-7, one with an RPK and one squad leader with an AK-74/GP-25 combo. The kits are all multipart, with two to three pieces each. Backpacks attached are from Elhiem.

 photo Zvez2.jpg
These are modeled as mid 80s-mid 90s soviets, so all are equipped with body armor, chest rigs, and lowrider boots. This is very useful for me, as it means they fit the Syrian bill quite nicely. Here I've painted them in the Syrian woodland BDU.

 photo Zvez3.jpg
Scale-wise they fit very nicely with Elhiem and UFM, and on the table top would be impossible to distinguish.

Sculpt quality is high, with nice crisp detailing, a completely lack of mould lines, and a stress-free assembly process.

highly recommended!


  1. Awesome paint work as always! But the lineup seems kind of limited - seems like you would need other figure lines to really make a go of it...