Monday, September 2, 2013

Sci fi gunships? In MY modern warfare?

Khurasan has had me paint up a few of their modern range recently, so when I was asked if I could give their new sci fi gunship a bit of a seeing to I thought "why not?"

I decided to paint it up for a fictional African conflict, belonging to some form of neo Marxist faction.

 photo Gunship1.jpg

I wanted to give it a real battered 'brushfire' look, with lots of chipping, weathering and the usual biz, while at the same time keeping it believable that it could still get airborne.

 photo Gunship2.jpg

The scheme was inspired by the ubiquitous camo patterns found on many Russian helos, although in this case I decided to go 'hard edge' to give it a bit more of a sci fi look.

 photo Gunship3.jpg

The forward laser guns really give it a nifty insectoid look.

 photo Gunship4.jpg

Scale in 15mm, he is a hefty bit of kit.

 photo Gunship5.jpg

 photo Gunship6.jpg

Not sure what I would use it for, but its a pretty neat little aircraft.


  1. That is awesome! That cockpit really allows you to show off your jeweling style of painting.

  2. I love it, I wants one!!!!!!!

    Also can you point me in the direction of some good modern South African or Rhodesian Miniatures.


  3. I believe Peter Pig does has a range in 15mm in their ak-47 section?

  4. Know an in 20-28mm besides eureka?

  5. Very nice weathering. Looks very knocked about a bit.

  6. Well that's a bit different - really nice, very believable camo scheme.