Monday, September 30, 2013

Syrian armor hits the workshop

Anyone who has followed this blog long enough will know what originally inspired me to get into modern wargaming was a little game called Combat Mission: Shock Force. Released in 07, the game pitted NATO forces in a hypothetical invasion of Syria. At the time, the idea was a bit ludicrous, but these days the premise does seem a bit closer to reality.

One of the cool elements of the game was the attempt by battlefront to piece together the equipment and dispositions of Syria's armed forces. At the time, much of the SAAF remained somewhat mystical, due to the highly secretive nature of the state and the fact it hadn't been engaged in conflict for some time.

One of the most prolific of these was the so-called T-72M2000. This was a hypothetical update of the Syrian T-72A/M with a bunch of extra features, including K5 reactive armor and a modernized fire control system by TURMs.

Of course, as we have seen, the most modern MBT's the Syrians are currently using is the T-72AV, but given that Russia has committed to continuing its arming of the regime, the idea of modernization jobs ending up on its older tanks may not be so far fetched.

I made an attempt at one of these, painting it in a standard pattern.

 photo 72M20002.jpg photo 72M20003.jpg photo 72M20001.jpg
I also decided to strip my previously-blue T-62MV and paint it in a scheme similar to the rest of the force. Although I liked the grayish camo, it always irked me and stood out amongst its peers. I'm much happier with the new result.

 photo 62MV4.jpg photo 62MV2.jpg photo 62MV3.jpg photo 62MV5.jpg photo 62MV1.jpg
Khurasan has sent me some 1973-era Israeli armor to work on for his site, I am very excited :)

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