Monday, September 30, 2013

Syrian gruntz

Some more Syrian infantry guys for the slowly-expanding platoon. This is the first time I've stuck with an overall uniform look in quite some time. I quite like the aesthetic, although the painting does become laborious.

 photo gruntz1.jpg
 photo gruntz2.jpg
And here is a group shot of the whole group so far, schwing!

 photo gruntz3.jpg


  1. Coming along great, nice work on the camo.

  2. Looks like the different ranges mesh pretty well. Only gripe is the guy with the LMG, he seems rather large. Might just be the picture?

    Anyways your paint job always impresses me and your basing is top notch. Jealous.

  3. He's a big dude, but I don't have an issue with a 6'4 guy lugging a PKM :)