Thursday, October 17, 2013

Experimenting with Khurasan T-55s

Jon has had me do up some more of his new Arab Israeli range, this time asking me to paint some T-55s. For this task I was asked to do both an Egyptian T-55 with a more modernized command cupola, as well as an older one painted in Soviet colors. Given that I was going to be using single-tone schemes I decided to try and utilize the 'modular' color approach to painting; building up individual panels with successive highlights through the airbrush to achieve an interesting stylized effects.

My efforts have really shown me a new way at coming at monotone vehicles, and I hope to continue it with my own stuff. Jon's gear has also made me cave, and I am now trying to figure out if I want to do an Egyptian or a Syrian force for the 73 war. Decisions decisions.

The Egyptian T-55 was painted in a bone-white buff and given a more restrained weathering/chipping job to allow for the modular coloring to have more impact. Unfortunately these photos seem to have largely lost its effect.

 photo ET556.jpg photo ET555.jpg photo ET554.jpg photo ET553.jpg photo ET552.jpg photo ET551.jpg photo ET550.jpg

The Soviet vehicle photo'd better. I applied essentially the same degree of weathering.

 photo ST550.jpg photo ST557.jpg photo ST555.jpg photo ST554.jpg photo ST553.jpg photo ST552.jpg photo ST551.jpg

And here they are alongside Jon's Israeli tanks. As you can see the T-55 is diminutive when you compare them with the big hulking NATO monstrosities!

 photo T55COMP.jpg photo T55COMP2.jpg


  1. Absolutely beautiful work mate, I especially love the Soviet one.

  2. Beautiful work mate, Im also Working on his new T-62 at the moment using the same techniques.

  3. Consider me blown away! The combination of the panel work and the weathering is amazing!

  4. Fantastic work on your armour. The Khurasan stuff is definitely the way to go in 15mm. I'm a micro-armour fan, myself :)