Sunday, October 13, 2013

more Spetsnaz for Syria

I'm getting close to the end of my Russian desert project, I can feel it.

Although these boys are destined for the hallowed shores of the Levant in the near future, I hear distant rumblings on Tajikistan; a dragon stirs ;).

As I neared my close on the infantry I decided to spice things up a bit and mix in some new camo patterns. The most prolific of these is the famous 'Partisan' pattern that seems to be a hybrid of the WW2 SS 'Oakleaf' and Soviet 'Amoeba' schemes. I also gave a try at the rather ubiquitous urban camo that seems to be distributed all over the Russian armed forces.

 photo Sp2.jpg photo Sp3.jpg photo Sp1.jpg
To make things a bit more exciting I also threw in a bit of tacticlol to the weapons, adding a couple silencers and a forward grip to the PKM.

I also finished a battle-hardened BMD-4 for these fellows. The model itself was one of Fabbri's rather dull affairs, so to make him a bit more special I decided to do cover him in digital-pattern camo. To further heighten the rough and tumble feel I also added some slat armor.

 photo BMD44.jpg photo BMD43.jpg photo BMD42.jpg

 photo BMD41.jpg
Finally, I also finished up a hybrid Easy model/SandS BTR-80A. I cheated a bit with this one, since the Easy Model kit already was a prepaint. Painting over it with similar colors, I proceeded to give it a particularly heavy duty weathering scheme, causing the overcoat to wear in parts and exposing the darker undercolors. As a first time experiment I am rather pleased with the end result.

 photo BTR803.jpg photo BTR802.jpg photo BTR801.jpg

 photo BTR804.jpg


  1. Good Lord, that's wonderful!! Fantastic camouflage on the vehicles, and in particular on the BMD-4, and the troops are terrific as well in their camo. Great painting!

  2. They look fantastic mate. I absolutely love your vehicles. I must admit, I've been tempted lately to look into do some kind of modern warfare stuff, Syria or Chechnya or something.

  3. Camo is awesome. I don't recognize the miniature manufacturer Though. Who makes those infantry? also how do you make your slat armour? looks like my British forces need to take a trip across the world to fight some Ruskies

  4. Thanks! The infantry is Under Fire Miniatures with a few head swaps. The slats are from a special-made brass etch sheet one of our comrades on the guild was kind enough to hook me up with.

  5. More amazing stuff as usual. That digital camo pattern is mind-blowing.

  6. Fantastic work. The little detailing really lifts it up (though I'm often too lazy to do it on my own stuff).