Thursday, December 26, 2013

Building up dat PLA motor pool

Slowly growing this army with a couple more AFVs - an additional type 99 and another type 86, both by S-model. Nothing much to say about these kits that I haven't already said. In other news, The Brian @ Hobby Den will be sending me some test kits of their new PLA range to paint up for their website in this scheme, gonna be siiiiiccckkk :)

 photo PLA3.jpg photo PLA2.jpg photo PLA1.jpg photo PLAARMOR1.jpg

Also managed to temporarily busted my airbrush by stripping the thread of the fuel nozzle through over tightening - not too bad an issue, only 40 dollars. However, the downtime is a pain in the ass. Derp of the year award goes to me!


  1. Those are lovely. I must have missed a post where you talked about the digital camouflage. Are you using professionally cut masks?

  2. wow those look good. although I dislike fine digital camo, I remember pics of one with small squares hurt my eyes, this pattern is really cool.

  3. Camo scheme looks awesome, but the tracks are a little too clean for tanks in the field.