Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Exporting the T-90

For those of you who have played Combat Mission: Shock Force and its expansions, you will likely remember the sense of uncertainty when first sighting the Syrian T-90S rumbling across the battlefield. Up until that point, the Assad arsenal's most formidable tank had been the T-72M2000; a fairly soft target, leagues behind even the most basic Abrams.

Thus the T-90's manifestation presented a worrisome development in the hypothetical invasion of the Levant; an AFV that could actually stand up to the coalition steamroller smashing in from Turkey, Iraq and the Mediterranean. The reality, of course, was less perturbing. Upon directing my M1 platoon in the general direction of the nascent Russian tanks I quickly found that although the T-90 could often absorb one or two hits from the Abram's cannon, its reliance on an older cannon/ammunition combination rendered it relatively impotent against the depleted uranium plates standard issue in US heavy armor.

Despite this, I've always wanted to field the T-90S in my forces. The unfortunate reality, however, was that no one actually made a kit representing this beast, until last month that is...

Revel's seeming re-ignition has seen the unleashing of several new modern kits on us, most prominent amongst these a T-90 kit capable of building both the original domestic T-90, as well as the export T-90S. The S lacks some of the more sophisticated systems of the Russian Federation's model, but I actually prefer the lack of laser blinders next to the barrel, as I always felt that made the vehicle look a tad comical. Instead it replaces these with extra ERA plates. The Revel kit is the usual level of quality we expect from this high-end manufacturer, and even includes fuel line hoses for the external fuel tanks! Simply superb.

I painted her in a similar style to my other Syrian armor, although in this case I also preformed a modulation technique to give a bit more depth and life to the whole thing, I feel this makes the overall scheme 'pop'.

 photo T90S2.jpg photo T90S1.jpg photo T90S3.jpg


  1. It's a mother beautiful tank! So I'm guessing that Revel makes it in 1:72 or thereabouts?

  2. Nice!! I love your work! I had a question for you about another blog referring to and Arsenal-M T-90 tank ( I'm not sure if you go back to your previous blogs but I was just wondering, the figure that's in the pictures with the tank, is it 1/87th or 15mm? That might be a dumb question but I'm a really bad judge of scale, especially in pictures.

    1. Thank you! That helps a lot! I'm a 15mm gamer and I've been pretty disappointed in some of the 15mm vehicles that are available and I've noticed that you can get some really nice stuff in 1/87th and I just wasn't sure if they were too off scale to use with other 15mm vehicles and figures. Now I know! Thanks again!

  3. I found the making late cold war soviets was p easy in 15mm by combining peter pig's hardened militia with some minor head squads - mainly utilizing battlefronts 'spetznaz' engineers from their late war Soviet range