Sunday, January 19, 2014

Cold War Crisis with Khurasan

 photo M602.jpg

My recent experience with the Chain of Command rules has injected a bit of excitement back into me lately. Force on Force's charm has been wearing pretty thin lately, as I feel it suffers a distinctive degree of "Sameitis", with the overlapping elements of the turn system blurring everything together into a big mess. Realistically reflective of war? Perhaps. Fun? Not so much, lately.

Dan lured me in with promises of delicious new, fertile ground with Chain of Command and I have to say I am pretty stoked by the system. The initial scouting phase really adds a different dynamic to the whole feel of the game. Combined with randomized command dice, a nice solid core list structure and the different methods of taking control of units, I feel this is a really nice, well rounded way to play with mandollies.

My new objectives are to create a bunch of 'core' forces based on the initial CoC rules ported over into a cold war setting. For this I will also be switching scale, as I have been finding that logistically, 20mm can be a bit of a hassle to transport around, particular when your main mode of getting places is a Z3.

As such, I started laying the groundwork with a couple of Khurasan's new tanks, Cold War rivals T-62 and M60.

 photo M603.jpg
 photo M601.jpg

 photo T623.jpg photo T622.jpg photo T621.jpg photo T624.jpg

I have always been academically aware of the relative height difference of these two beasts, but it really hits you in the face visually when they are next to one another

 photo T62M60.jpg

For now the objective is to get a mid Cold War US and Soviet force done, as well as finish up the WW2 Soviet unit I am currently 3/4s of the way through. I also plan on doing an ultra modern mid-range Russian federation unit utilizing Eureka's Russians and a combination of Khurasan and Zvezda products.

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