Friday, January 24, 2014

Tuna boat of doom


Stowage is cool

There are few things more stowaged up then a USMC AAV-7, which is designed to carry close to a platoon's worth of heavily armed marine types straight into the crucible of battle. I've previously painted up one of these beastys and left off any real stowage. Not this time, however....

 photo AAV1.jpg photo AAV2.jpg photo AAV4.jpg photo AAV3.jpg


  1. Absolutely fantastic detail! Looks great.

    I've often wondered how much stowage is lost or damaged beyond usefulness by being hit by fire. I guess nothing really important is carried outside like that, & the crew & passengers have bigger problems than holes in their backpacks if the vehicle is taking any serious fire :-s

    1. Those guys need to get kindles so they don't have to pack so much holiday reading.