Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Despotic African Warlords ahoy

A lovely fellow over on the Guild contacted me a few months ago asking whether or not I accept commissions. These days I tend to be pretty reluctant to play the paint-for-cash game, as I tend to find that fiscally it doesn't really compensate that well and it also burns me out on the joy of painting pretty quickly. I've also been burned a few times, as was to happen ironically at the same time as this commission with another individual who assured me they wouldn't screw me over.

However, having had dealings with dude A a few times previously in various selloffs, I felt little concern. He also paid fully up front, so there was that.... :) Apparently, a number of 15mm tanks I have sold over the past year or so have been being consolidated in the armory of a tyrannical African dictator. There was only one problem; said dictator could not be found. Thus it was up to me to realise his corpulent vissage in 1/100 scale. I set to work:

 photo Walord1.jpg

Here he stands with his faithful body guard and personal assistant, as well as his trust soviet-supplied GAZ jeep.

 photo Walord2.jpg
And here he is after an unfortunate encounter with a rival militia/CIA killteam/bad batch of hoodoo drugs.

I always feel a little uncomfortable painting African militant, perhaps its my colonial heritage and the fact I really know very little about the history of post-colonial conflict in the region outside of the stereotypes.

I think perhaps Mitchell and Webb capture it best in this sketch


  1. Great looking models, that jeep is just lovely.
    Mitchell and Webb are the best.

  2. very good models there. and good clip also