Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Flytrap Factory 15mm USMC

As I have been returning to the hallowed grounds of 15mm of late, I have been excused to the bevvy of releases that have emerged in my absence. One avenue I wished to pursue was a new modern USMC force for our emerging Chain of Command Moderns game. While I have long been a disciple of Peter Pig, the range is really targeted at the late 90s/early 00s period. Finding high quality Marines is difficult. While Khurasan have recently released a fantastic range of contemporary US army, the Corps remains underrepresented in this scale.

The one company that has attempted a modern Jarhead range is Flytrap Factory, a relatively unknown producer in New Zealand with a strange combination of products that seems to be split between serious moderns and Chibi-styled steampunk fantasy...things. Their models, although photographed in relatively low res, appeared to have a great deal of character to them, and so I picked up a few packets of both their USMC and their 'generic' Middle Eastern military types. I'll take a look at the former here.

 photo image.jpeg

The USMC packets contain 12 - 13 figures with a mix of M16A4s, grenade launchers and SAWs. They are all equipped with the modern-type body armor and weapons have all the usual attachments and sights endemic in conflict today.

 photo image1.jpeg

Pros: The figures are all possess a great deal of character and look like they will paint up very nicely. The range of poses in the individual packets means you get 13 very distinct individuals with no repeats. The sculpt quality is extremely high and on par with the best in the business. the range of equipment is also appreciated. Although it is a little difficult to tell, it appears that both the m249/mk48 and the M27 IAR are represented.

Cons: Although the sculpting quality is high, the quality control is not so great. Coming from someone who is used to Peter Pig, the level of flash on these seems very high. There is also a distinct lack of AT weapons represented, with no LAWs or M136s present in the loadouts. The basic weapon models do not appear to be consistent, and several M16s look completely different to others, a divergence that I don't think can be simply put down to alternative attachments. Finally, although in general the sculpts are great, there are two figures who appear to have very little actual torso and end up looking a bit ridiculous; case in point:

 photo image2.jpeg

 photo image3.jpeg
Left to Right: Khurasan, Flytrap, Eureka, Peter Pig
 Size: Flytrap Factory's USMC fall squarely in the mid-range of the 15mm 'scale'; slightly larger than Peter Pig and Eureka offerings, while decidedly smaller than Khurasan's US infantry. While I wouldn't have an issue putting them alongside the former two, they appear far stockier and heavier than Khurasan's relatively thin US forces. As such, while I have used several kneeling Khurasan troops to plug gaps in the range, I don't think I'd want to any in the upright position right next to the Flytrap stuff.

Conclusion: Despite the flaws, Flytrap Factory's USMC are a worthy addition to the 15mm range and I feel the general character of the sculpts are pretty fantastic. The substitution of various troop-types, like ATGMs, is necessary, but as basic grunts these are very solid. Unfortunately for me two of the models in the packets are simply not up to scratch and need to be discarded, but the other 10 or so are worth the loss.

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