Thursday, March 27, 2014

Crossing into Crimea

 photo BTR1.jpg
Over the past few days we have seen what may be the first semi-somewhat-partial-combat deployments of the BTR-80A in Crimea. So far these vehicles have essentially been used as markers for the expansion of Russian influence and tools of intimidation. Hopefully this will remain the worst examples of their use in Ukraine/Russia (whatever your political leanings may be). What is interesting is that their presence on the ground shows that the BTR-80A has progressed beyond a simple tech demo and actually been disseminated to field units of the Russian Federal Army.

A few weeks ago I showcased my attempt to mate the Zvezda BTR-80 hull with the QRF BTR-80A turret. Here they are now with some paint on em.

 photo BTR2.jpg photo BTR3.jpg photo BTR4.jpg

These guys represents all the APCs I need for my CoC modern Russian force, and short of someone putting together a BMD-3/4 or a BMP-3 kit, I an unlikely to add any more battle taxis.

Next up, we will see what became of the tank hybrids.


  1. Absolutely stunning! My favourite armoured vehicle and you have made it look very realistic. Can I ask what scale is this? I hope Zvezda have produced this in 1/72?

    1. these are 15mm 1/100 - FoW Scale

    2. I think Zvezda has either a 1/35 or a 1/72 version of it, Im not totally sure. If not I think Trumpeter or Revell do one in 1/72

  2. Beautiful work mate, Ive just picked up a 1/35 BTR-80 to tackle.

    Trumpeter do a nice 1/72 BTR-80

  3. Nice painting, and a beastly vehicle.
    Guys, remember the BTR-80A has a 30mm autocannon, not just the usual HMG - hence the QRF upgrade kit ;)
    Gives him some real punch!