Wednesday, March 26, 2014

....endless waves of T-62s....

One of the (numerous) projects I am working on at the moment is a late 60s/early 70s era Soviet unit for Chain of Command. Some time ago I purchased the company-pack of Khurasan's T-62s, so I decided to do up three in a tasty green scheme, ready to be blown up by French AT.

Not too much to say about the kits that I haven't already said - Khurasan has done a great job with these, my only minor niggle are the tracks are cast in resin and are a major paint in the ass to clean up, although I have been advised that future sets will be released with metal tracks, which should address this issue. Other than that, they generally kick ass.

I also picked up a Battlefront PT-76 after seeing one posted over at Fawcett avenue conscripts. I don't quite know what it is about battlefront tanks, but they seem to just radiate a 'badass' factor I can't quite quantify. The PT-76 is a fine example of this - it just looks hard as hell. This is particularlly odd, because every other example of the kit I have seen in 15mm just seems to scream 'lame'. Anyway, he got the same treatment as the '62s.

Next time we shall take a look at what became of the BTR hybrids...


  1. If you dont mind my asking - how do you get that lovely green colour? I'd love to use it on my own Russians!


    1. I use the Russian armor paint set by AK interactive along with badger/Iwata airbrushes.

  2. I wanted to ask the same question. Thanks!