Saturday, March 8, 2014

More modern Aussies

Another small batch of modern Aussies to fight....something...I dunno; maybe Russians?

This time around there was a mix of special weapons and I did a few uncovered helmets, too.

 photo ADF1.jpg photo ADF2.jpg
And here are the whole lot of them together so far

 photo ADF0.jpg
I realise webbing tends to also be in Auscam but I feel the khaki helps to add complexity to the overall aesthetic and break up the figures a bit.


  1. Beautifully painted, and they look to be really good sculpts.

  2. They look fantastic, great detail.

  3. Some Fantastic painting there. The bases set them off perfectly.

  4. Great work. Now you should paint some 'Baddies' for our Glorious Leader to send the troops against.

  5. Very nice. I like the Khaki webbing. Does exactly what you were aiming for. Still sad that you moved away from 20mm :-p

  6. Love the variety offered by a simple "naked" helmet. I ll steal this idea ;-)