Saturday, March 29, 2014


Rounding out the trifecta of "things TB has accomplished this month", I've saved the meanest for last. As previously previewed, I had mated the turrets of the Khurasan T-90A with the hull of the Zvezda T-72BM. which aesthetically is effectively identical with the former's configuration. I also focused on adding essential details to the original BM kit, as it lacked both smoke launchers and an AAMG.

In addition, I added a couple battlefront crew, just for some variety.

 photo T3.jpg

 photo T4.jpg
Once again, a mixture of paint schemes, just to keep things interesting.

 photo T5.jpg
Rummaging through my bits box I used some of the Khurasan T-62 fuel tank rails to add some extra detail to the BM and one of the 90s'

 photo T6.jpg
AAMG was thanks to Nic at Eureka, who kindly tolerated my very specific requirements!

 photo T7.jpg
I'm always torn between camo and plain schemes, now that I have figured out how to make flat green look interesting.

 photo T9.jpg
Still love the evil eyes on the 90, although the sleeker look to the BM does have me torn for favorites.

 photo T8.jpg
Thats it for now, stay tuned for some space dwarves Khurasan has had me paint up :)


  1. Fantastic work, I really like the blended camo effect. Great detail as always.

  2. Your work is always amazing and you are right your flat green is very effective. Can I ask what scale these tanks are? Do Zvezda make 20mm moderns? Thanks

    1. Thanks! they are 1/100 15mm, I.e. FoW scale