Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet home Fulda

Returning to a previous theme of 1960s Europe, I picked up a couple M48s in battlefront's recent big Vietnam stock sale. Rather than model them as the A3 model with its ugly-assed IR searchlight, however, I decided to go with the more streamlined-looking A2 model.

The M48 was kind of the last hurrah of the World War Two rounded aesthetic in tanks. Although this continued in a more limited capacity with its successor, the M60, the hull to the flat, hard-edge angles seen ubiquitous in modern Western tank design (and even becoming embraced by Russian and Chinese tank designers it seems. Similar to the Shermans, I painted these two guys in a heavily weathered olive scheme. I also took the creative choice of substituting the turret-mounted M85 HMGs with ad-hoc, externally attached M2s. This was relatively common in the 1960s due to a shortage in M85s, as well as the general unpopularity of what was supposed to be the the successor of the M2, but was ultimately consigned to the scrap heap of history due to unreliability.

Generally speaking these are nice kits, although they lack the precision of similar offering by Khurasan. The tracks, in particular, were very roughly cast, despite being metal.

While doing these I also discovered I had an old QRF AMX-13 left over from a previous project, a very cute little guy, I decided to paint him in tandem with these for Dan so he could have more options for his French.

 photo AMX132.jpg
 photo AMX133.jpg

badass-ifying the Sherman

US armor of World War Two has always suffered from a certain 'dinkyness', with tanks that just look way too cute when compared with their allies and opposition. As I have started playing US airborne in Chain of Command I decided I need some supporting armor, but the question was how to toughen it up. Weathering was the key, and in that, I decided to try and take on two subjects: A standard M4A3 and the bigger, meaner looking E8 variant. I think the rain streaks were particullarly effective in this case.

 photo Sherman2.jpg photo Sherman3.jpg photo Sherman4.jpg

And the smaller, A3 brother

 photo Sherman6.jpg  photo Sherman7.jpg photo Sherman8.jpg
Both models by Peter Pig.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Downsizing devil dogs

To coincide with my other 15mm projects I also am going to do up a USMC platoon using Flytrap Factory's figures which I have previously reviewed. For vehicle options I've gone with the M114 built using Flytrap's own kit combined with anti IED equipment by Eureka. Additionally, I converted an M1A1HA (one of the more modern USMC variants of the M1) using the Khurasan M1A2 as a base. Finally I managed to pilfer one of Irishserb's delicious AAV-7A1s with applique armor. I added a bunch of stowage and a few other misc features like Smoke launchers and wracks along the side.

Given that these are in such bright colors I wanted to try some new weathering effects and broke out the AK interactive washes to give some grime/rain streaks in random places.

 photo USMCA4.jpg
 photo USMCA5.jpg
As with my previous 20mm attempt at USMC, I wanted to really mix up the gear, to give the force a more battered and scrounged aesthetic.

 photo USMCA8.jpg

 photo USMCA9.jpg
Last up, the M1114

 photo USMCA10.jpg

 photo USMCA12.jpg
I'd love to get a 15mm MATV or MRAP, but so far the options for such are not really up to scratch.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Finished ultramodern Ruskie force for CoC

Slapped the final layers on these boys the other day - decided to be a bit more liberal in the final batch's uniform types, just to keep it sexy. I really do love urban camo.





The whole force with armor


and the mans on their own


hmm and what could this be?



Sunday, April 6, 2014

A pun that indicates the reveal of more Eureka Russians

Got some more paint down on these guys - including the delicious NSV HMG kit.

 photo NSV.jpg
Only about ten more guys til the platoon is finished!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Space Dwarf tanks by Khurasan

Another little project for Khurasan, this time for the new Space Dwarf range currently brewing up over that side of the webz

first up is the Goanna/Taipan tank:

 photo Dwarftank1.jpg photo Dwarftank2.jpg photo Dwarftank3.jpg photo Dwarftank4.jpg photo Dwarftank5.jpg photo Dwarftank6.jpg photo Dwarftank7.jpg photo Dwarftank8.jpg photo Dwarftank9.jpg

 photo Dwarftank10.jpg

One thing that really struck me about this kit was the sheer amount of options Jon included with it. Apart from the manned and remote turrets, it also includes three options for main gun and two mini turrets to be mounted next to the commander's hatch.

 photo Dwarftank11.jpg

Next up is the Canetoad APC, a real beast who looks like a combination of armored vehicle and mobile pillbox:

 photo Canetoad1.jpg photo Canetoad2.jpg photo Canetoad3.jpg photo Canetoad4.jpg photo Canetoad5.jpg

 photo Canetoad6.jpg
Having seen my fair share of cane toads up close I can say the vehicles profile certainly fits the title. The options on this guy were much more limited, with just machinegun/missile turrets, but with such a squat design you can understand why.

here are the two beasties side by side: