Sunday, April 6, 2014

A pun that indicates the reveal of more Eureka Russians

Got some more paint down on these guys - including the delicious NSV HMG kit.

 photo NSV.jpg
Only about ten more guys til the platoon is finished!


  1. Lovely work. They look great. My only observation is that while the groundwork/basing is fantastic, it almost detracts from the figures? The eye should really be drawn to the figures and not to the foliage. But gorgeous.

    1. Thanks. I like my mans to look 'in place' as it were to show off the effect of camo :)

  2. With the greatest respect to Doug, I think the figures look fantastic on the enhanced bases, and to my mind doesn't lessen the impact of the figure painting, but it's all subjective, and we agree that it's great work!