Monday, April 28, 2014

badass-ifying the Sherman

US armor of World War Two has always suffered from a certain 'dinkyness', with tanks that just look way too cute when compared with their allies and opposition. As I have started playing US airborne in Chain of Command I decided I need some supporting armor, but the question was how to toughen it up. Weathering was the key, and in that, I decided to try and take on two subjects: A standard M4A3 and the bigger, meaner looking E8 variant. I think the rain streaks were particullarly effective in this case.

 photo Sherman2.jpg photo Sherman3.jpg photo Sherman4.jpg

And the smaller, A3 brother

 photo Sherman6.jpg  photo Sherman7.jpg photo Sherman8.jpg
Both models by Peter Pig.


  1. Really nice work, I like the weathering a lot.

  2. You really captured the grittyness of your typical Sherman.