Saturday, April 26, 2014

Downsizing devil dogs

To coincide with my other 15mm projects I also am going to do up a USMC platoon using Flytrap Factory's figures which I have previously reviewed. For vehicle options I've gone with the M114 built using Flytrap's own kit combined with anti IED equipment by Eureka. Additionally, I converted an M1A1HA (one of the more modern USMC variants of the M1) using the Khurasan M1A2 as a base. Finally I managed to pilfer one of Irishserb's delicious AAV-7A1s with applique armor. I added a bunch of stowage and a few other misc features like Smoke launchers and wracks along the side.

Given that these are in such bright colors I wanted to try some new weathering effects and broke out the AK interactive washes to give some grime/rain streaks in random places.

 photo USMCA4.jpg
 photo USMCA5.jpg
As with my previous 20mm attempt at USMC, I wanted to really mix up the gear, to give the force a more battered and scrounged aesthetic.

 photo USMCA8.jpg

 photo USMCA9.jpg
Last up, the M1114

 photo USMCA10.jpg

 photo USMCA12.jpg
I'd love to get a 15mm MATV or MRAP, but so far the options for such are not really up to scratch.


  1. Fantastic, a really nice set of vehicles. Your detail work is incredible.

  2. I missed your review of Flytrap's figures- were you impressed? I've just seen a post about new sci fi releases on Eli's blog and they look interesting!

    1. You can find the review here -

      Overall - very characterful sculpts, with a couple flawed pieces. The customer service was phenomenal though; the less-good sculpts were replaced by their betters in short order after I made the post. Very friendly and eager to please!

  3. Wrong Scale ;) but as always really lovely paint jobs with some amazing weathering.

  4. Tim, I just found your blog. Amazing work.

    Looks like your photobucket account needs upgrading, most of your photos are not showing up due to bandwidth issues :(

    Keep up the great work. This blog has been bookmarked.

    Allen from GameCraft

    1. Great to have you on board, Allen.

      Yea, I am aware of my bandwidth issues. I may have to add a third photobucket account :)

  5. love them ! really nice job there :)

  6. Yoour weathering is simply brilliant. I love the entire paintjob of your devil dogs. It is most definitely a pity there aren't 15mm MATVs for you to do. I would love to see that.