Friday, April 4, 2014

Space Dwarf tanks by Khurasan

Another little project for Khurasan, this time for the new Space Dwarf range currently brewing up over that side of the webz

first up is the Goanna/Taipan tank:

 photo Dwarftank1.jpg photo Dwarftank2.jpg photo Dwarftank3.jpg photo Dwarftank4.jpg photo Dwarftank5.jpg photo Dwarftank6.jpg photo Dwarftank7.jpg photo Dwarftank8.jpg photo Dwarftank9.jpg

 photo Dwarftank10.jpg

One thing that really struck me about this kit was the sheer amount of options Jon included with it. Apart from the manned and remote turrets, it also includes three options for main gun and two mini turrets to be mounted next to the commander's hatch.

 photo Dwarftank11.jpg

Next up is the Canetoad APC, a real beast who looks like a combination of armored vehicle and mobile pillbox:

 photo Canetoad1.jpg photo Canetoad2.jpg photo Canetoad3.jpg photo Canetoad4.jpg photo Canetoad5.jpg

 photo Canetoad6.jpg
Having seen my fair share of cane toads up close I can say the vehicles profile certainly fits the title. The options on this guy were much more limited, with just machinegun/missile turrets, but with such a squat design you can understand why.

here are the two beasties side by side:


  1. Love the camo scheme you have knocked up!!

    Cannot wait for them to be in the web store :)

  2. Space Dwarves? Great! Now I can have some mini-Grym for my galaxy. Incredible painting as always.