Monday, April 28, 2014

Sweet home Fulda

Returning to a previous theme of 1960s Europe, I picked up a couple M48s in battlefront's recent big Vietnam stock sale. Rather than model them as the A3 model with its ugly-assed IR searchlight, however, I decided to go with the more streamlined-looking A2 model.

The M48 was kind of the last hurrah of the World War Two rounded aesthetic in tanks. Although this continued in a more limited capacity with its successor, the M60, the hull to the flat, hard-edge angles seen ubiquitous in modern Western tank design (and even becoming embraced by Russian and Chinese tank designers it seems. Similar to the Shermans, I painted these two guys in a heavily weathered olive scheme. I also took the creative choice of substituting the turret-mounted M85 HMGs with ad-hoc, externally attached M2s. This was relatively common in the 1960s due to a shortage in M85s, as well as the general unpopularity of what was supposed to be the the successor of the M2, but was ultimately consigned to the scrap heap of history due to unreliability.

Generally speaking these are nice kits, although they lack the precision of similar offering by Khurasan. The tracks, in particular, were very roughly cast, despite being metal.

While doing these I also discovered I had an old QRF AMX-13 left over from a previous project, a very cute little guy, I decided to paint him in tandem with these for Dan so he could have more options for his French.

 photo AMX132.jpg
 photo AMX133.jpg


  1. Your consistent quality of work always amazes me dude. Very cool.

  2. You mention the Khurasan offering...are those actually available? Or are they still in the Khurasan "Ghosts Of Products To Come" file...