Monday, May 19, 2014

Stormin' Norman(dy): US airborne for European theatre ops

Revisiting the portent specter of last month's Shermans, I've now got some US infantry up and running to deter the adventurous panzerfauster. This is about a third of the total platoon. Having already had the opportunity to push them around the table top in Chain of Command I must say they are a decided step up from the typical Soviet grunt!

 photo Airborne1.jpg photo Airborne2.jpg photo Airborne5.jpg photo Airborne4.jpg photo Airborne3.jpg

Figures by Peter Pig. Slightly smaller than the PSC offerings, although the dynamism in the poses is appreciated!


  1. Great looking figures. I must admit to quite often over looking Peter Pig, but the figures always look good when painted.

  2. Incredible stuff once again - great work.

  3. Brilliant work, a really great-looking force.

  4. Splendid, these minis are great!