Friday, May 2, 2014

The beasts

Jon over at Khurasan has been working like a madman to expand his ultramoderns range, putting out something I've been longing for for quite some time; the TUSK upgrade kits for the Abrams series of tanks. Once again I've been asked to put paint to resin on these beasts for the website, a task I savored.

First up we have a retooled release of the M1A2 SEP kit that Khurasan released last year. The new addition has more metal detailing, including the turret bustle and the commander's thermal sight.

Next up is the first generation TUSK mounted on the M1A2, sporting lots of protective shielding for the unbuttoned crew, side-mounted ERA and a coaxial M2

 photo TUSK2.jpg photo TUSK6.jpg

This monster also has a larger, meaner brother who is currently sitting on my painting desk, waiting for my attention. More on him soon....


  1. SImply amazing! Loving Both the Tusk and the M1A2 SEP!

    Like the Green Camou Paintjob!