Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Miscellaneous Wednesdays

A few odds and sods today, nothing consistently thematic.

First up, did a Stuart for my US forces. This guy kind of sucks in CoC, as my game last Sunday demonstrated. Nevertheless, dinky tanks are cool as fuck.

 photo Stuart1.jpg photo Stuart2.jpg photo Stuart3.jpg

Next up, I did a sci fi APC for some potential USCMC fellas I'm thinking of delving in to. For this I simply used a BTR-T with a few choice modifications. I feel this vehicle is obscure and high tech looking enough that it fits aesthetically with that type of 80s sci fi future.

 photo Scifi1.jpg photo Scifi3.jpg
 photo Scifi4.jpg  photo Scifi2.jpg

And finally, my modern Russian force got some squad leaders and mortar support.

 photo Russians1.jpg
Thats all for now. Next on the agenda is retooling the two TUSK Abrams I did for Khurasan to fix the ERA placement :P


  1. They all look great, but I really like that APC!

  2. Superb! The M5 and APC are excellent. The 15mm modern Russians look fantastic!

  3. I love the low silhouette of that... thing... you created. Good stuff, keep it coming!