Sunday, June 8, 2014

Speedbump for the Soviets

I've always had a thing for the late 60s/early 70s US forces in Europe. They were at the low point of relative tech and morale, thanks to Vietnam, while the Soviets were really pumping out some cutting edge platforms and had yet to experience the dolorous effects of Afghanistan. If ever there was a point in the Cold War where the US neared underdog status, then it was here (although anyone looking at the comparative GDPs of the US and the USSR will quickly see this was a fairly monocausal conclusion)
 photo M1131.jpg
 photo M1133.jpg photo M1134.jpg photo M1135.jpg photo M1136.jpg photo M1137.jpg photo M1138.jpg

There is a certain aesthetically charm from the equipment of this era; big, clunky and looking vulnerable as hell. The M113s resemble Duplo blocks, better suited for a child's playset than a nuclear battlefield. Similarly, the M48s look like morbidly obese cousins to their fair slimmer and more effective Soviet counterparts, bloated in every respect except where it counts. Out of all of them, the M60 only really looks the sensible part, but even then, its performance was only average.

Main color was achieved through the AK interactive US armor WW2 modulation set using a combination of Iwata and Badger airbrushes. Weathering was then achieved through a combination of MIG and AK interactive oil washes and streak pre mixes.


  1. Nice looking kit....a bit earlier than my service (78 to 98) by the time I got in the M48s were upgraded to M48A5 (basically an M60 standard) and assigned to the National Guard and reserves. The only exception was Korea where M48A5s served until 1990! I think it was a year before I got in everything was painted in MERDOC
    camouflage till the new three tone (factory painted) of the late 80s.then officially switched in the early 90s.

  2. Top notch!
    Sadly, the 1960s-70s confrontation scenario isn´t very attractive for most gamers due to the MAD-Approach to just flatten everything with the start of any direct hostilities.

  3. Superb. The colour modulation and weathering can even make a lego brick look classy!

  4. You have even outdone yourself on these. One would think they were 1/35 scale.