Thursday, July 17, 2014

Finished Empress 28mm MATV

Well here she is - a guide will follow soon.

It was a bit of a trek to the final product. I had initially gone for a cleaner look, but got really bored with all that blank surface, so instead went for a real battered, weatherbeaten look.

 photo MATV5.jpg
The windows were a trick I came up with using the airbrush. Essentially the same technique as panel modulation, only using grays to simulate glass.

 photo MATV2-2.jpg

Lots of mud and dirt to simulate a Levantine environment...

 photo MATV3-2.jpg photo MATV1-2.jpg
 photo MATV4-2.jpg


  1. That is a work of art right there. Perfect weathering in my opinion. You could photoshop this on to a backdrop of A'stan, and no one would know the difference!

  2. Excellent, looks fantastic. I like the windows may give that a go myself.

  3. Awesome, as usual. Great job.

  4. Marvelous paintjob. Mine will be done in European colors, but this is a great inspiration none the less!

  5. What an amazing work! Loving the paintjob and weathering!