Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kitbashing a 15mm T-90

As some of you may be aware, I've previously done up a few T-90As in past on this site, combining the turret from Khurasan with the hull from Zvezda. But what of the earlier T-90? Thus far, no one has made this guy in 15mm scale, and from what I have read, if you want to accurately wargame around the second Chechen war then this is the particular incarnation in service at the time.

I attempted to solve the problem by once again making the Khurasan and Zvezda kits, only this time I retained the Zvezda turret and only used components from Khurasan, such as the wind detector and the laser blinders. 100 percent accurate? Maybe not, but I think its a pretty close fit, particularly in this scale.

 photo T903.jpg photo T902.jpg photo T901.jpg photo T905.jpg photo T906.jpg


  1. Looks superb. No idea if it's 100% accurate, but I don't really care. For a tank it's a thing of beauty!

  2. Way cool! And I'm not going to lose any sleep if its not 100% accurate.