Thursday, July 3, 2014


Rounding up my German motorpool, I've added a few more clunky WW2-era monstrosities.

This late war panther by PSC caused me no end of grief. I stripped it twice before settling on the current scheme. I just couldn't get it to look 'right', but I feel like I nailed it, finally.

I decided I might like access to some cheap HE killiness, so I did a STuH-42 up in a similar scheme

And finally, I grabbed BF's panzer II Luchs, possibly the dinkiest tank to ever dink.

Such dinky~


  1. Very nice. Particularly like the Panther.

  2. Lovely work, hoping I can get my King Tiger to look half as good. I will of course, and in the sincerest flattery, be unashamedly copying all techniques I think I can carry off.

    1. Glad to be of service :) feel free to poach away!