Thursday, July 3, 2014

Soviet Stylin'

Some random Soviet vehicles for ya'll today.

Here we have a Skytrex BMP-1. Still the best incarnation of this vehicle on the market in 15mm in my opinion. They appear to be keeping this cast in all metal, which is great news!

 photo BMP2-1.jpg
 photo BMP3-1.jpg
 photo BMP1-1.jpg

I've had an old Arsenal M T-64B kit laying around for ages now. For a lark I decided to convert it to the BV model with all that lovely reactive armor. As with all AM kits, really nice, but also huge!

 photo 64BV1.jpg photo 64BV4.jpg photo 64BV3.jpg photo 64BV2.jpg
And last, but not least, a Zvezda BTR-80. Previously, I had converted a bunch of these to the 80A standard, but decided to just go vanilla for a change. Once again, rain marks prove their neatness! Can't wait for the upcoming Shilka kit.

 photo BTR802-1.jpg photo BTR801-1.jpg
 photo BTR803-1.jpg

Next time, moar German bigcats


  1. Wow, that T64BV looks nasty! Good work!

  2. Wow, awesome stuff. Just stumbled upon your blog, loving the look of your soviet stuff! Have to say I share your thoughts on the Rebel Commanche.

    It would be most appreciated if you could let me know who produces/where you obtained the 15mm BTR-T you posted in June - its a fabulous looking piece of kit, just right for my own adventures in Sci-Fi. Sadly my Google-Fu is lacking and I can only turn up 20mm and 1/285th scale versions.

    Now to trawl through your past posts, absorbing the imagies and ideas! Oh well, I didn't have anything planned for this evening ;)

    1. cheers, dude!

      The BTR-T is by SDV models -

    2. Cheers! Their ranges look like fertile ground for more sci-fi-ables, too!