Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Review: Empress Miniatures 28mm M-ATV


This week we take a look at the Empress M-ATV in 28mm. I've already discussed the general background of this specific vehicle in my previous review of the 15mm Rebel Miniatures version. However, whereas I was quite disappointed by Rebel's offering, the Empress of the version has really blown me out of the water.

Kit Overview

 photo Rev1.jpg

The kit is divided into 16 major resin parts: chassis, suspension, gunner's nest, cover and shield, bullbar, four rear tray components, a magazine for the weapon system and five tyres.

 photo Rev2.jpg
Metal components are supplied for the fiddly bits. I will not try to list these, as I am a complete ignoramus when it comes to understanding all the various functions. Suffice to say there are fifteen of them all up and I managed to forget to put one in the photograph!

The turret is fully positionable and the range of additions gives the savvy modeler the ability to model the M-ATV in various configurations. Naturally, I will be sticking them all on, because I like my vehicles to look like they are extras in Road Warrior.


The cast quality is as close to perfect as you are going to get. There were 0 (read it, ZERO) bubbles on my specimen and the mould lines on the resin sections were easily fixed within the space of about 15 minutes. Similarly, the metal components were all near-perfect in their casting. Flash was effectively non-existent and what mould lines were visible were easily dealt with using a single swipe of a scalpel.

The sculpt on the vehicle itself is breathtaking and I was truly in awe of the detailing. Compared to the Red Star BMP-2 I reviewed previously, the M-ATV appears more like a scale model than a wargaming piece. Fear not, however, it still retains the durability needed to plonk it down on the table.

 photo Rev3.jpg

Empress has made it real difficult for me to not want to dip my toe further into 28mms with this one. The kit just oozes 'badass' and I am seriously hope they choose to pursue the ZBD-97 mentioned in their kickstarter. For anyone wanting to do a ultramodern US army or USMC force, do yourself a favor and go pick up a couple of these bad boys.

Stay tuned, I plan on doing a 'lets build' and 'lets paint' on this monster to show off some of the techniques you guys have been asking about!


  1. Wow - thats a really good looking kit. Cant wait to see it painted up.

  2. Looks great. I have one of these from their Kickstarter that I am still yet to build.

  3. I love this vehicle, I am going to have to hunt this down and get one! That is a very clean looking casting, and a very good looking representation of the MATV.

    Can't wait to see it painted!