Thursday, July 31, 2014

Weekly Review: QRF M2A1 Bradley

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sorry for the lull lately, a new semester and new teaching commitments have been heavy and I've also being trying to smash out a chapter of my thesis, so there has been little time for mans.

This week we will take a peek at the M2A1 Bradley by QRF.

QRF is a bit of a mixed bag in terms of quality levels.  From what I understand via their CEO, Geoff, they used to produce recognition models for the British armed forces back in the day. Some of their gear is really quite dated, while others are works of sheer brilliance. Their modern Russian range, in particular, has a number of real gems in it. Geoff also happens to be an incredibly nice fella.


The M2A1 Bradley is definitely one of QRF's best. This incarnation of the Brad is one you could expect to encounter in the late 80s and early 90s, so anyone trying to play out a Reaganite CWGH scenario take note.

The Brad is an Infantry fighting vehicle capable of busing a fireteam and change. It packs a mighty wallop, with a two-tubed TOW launcher combined with a 25mm chain gun capable of punching through the armor of a T-55.  Though troubled during its development cycle, today's incarnation of the Bradley is arguably one of the best IFVs on the market.

Kit Overview

  photo A54FE55F-4CA5-46DB-9517-2124BBFA0440-2309-0000026AA9EBC95A_zps8f45fac5.jpg
The kit consists of nine parts: The hull, turret, TOW launcher in open and stowed positions, manlet and gun, side skirts and suspension/tracks. As with all QRF land vehicle kits, it is cast in full white metal.

Customization is limited, butI don't think there's a great deal needed for this kit and the key element - that being the TOW launcher - is covered.


 photo 06AE4F5D-0612-48E1-8432-44B2FA647777-2309-0000026AA108AEC4_zpsaf98312b.jpg

The sculpt on the M2A1 is quite stunning and really captures the feel of the vehicle. Mould lines were minimal and the kit is easy to assemble. Be sure to be careful with the barrel; as with all QRF offerings, it is proper scale, so bends very easily!


 photo BB25D456-0B54-4221-A463-712FB72B2F1E-2309-0000026A9B37FBDE_zps9fadc3b8.jpg

If you're in need of a Brad or ten to intervene in Everon or Fulda, QRF has you covered. This is one vehicle they have really nailed and I can't recommend it enough!

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