Thursday, July 3, 2014

Weekly Review: Red Star Miniatures' 28mm BMP-2

28mm has never been a realm I've ventured into in the moderns area, mainly because I like playing 1:1 scale and the sheer size of troops and vehicles gives you very little room to maneuver in a decent-sized board. I've been increasingly impressed lately with the sheer quality of moderns ranges being put out in this scale. This week, we take a look at one such example: the BMP-2.

The BMP-2 is a upgrade to the BMP-1, itself a revolution in infantry fighting vehicles that combined a good level of firepower and mobility, with a lightly armored troop transport capable of shuttling a heavily armed squad into battle. The BMP-2 attempted to improve on the concept of the BMP-1 and correct many of its failings. A relatively low powered cannon of the earlier model was swapped out with a rapid fire autocannon capable of laying down an impressive level of high-calibre fire. In addition, anti tank capabilities were updated in the form of an AT-4 missile launcher bolted to the roof. Originally designed by the Honorable Lead Boiler Suit Company, the Red Star offering represents one of two incarnations of this kit on the market, with the other being offered by Sloppy Jalopy. This particular model appears to be the 1984 variant with the modernised turret armor package. Ubuiquitos throughout Russian and CIS arsenals, as well as in the holdings of many African and Middle Eastern state, the BMP-2 is a must have for any serious OPFOR forces.

Kit Overview

The kit contains six main resin components: The hull, the two track sections, turret and the two head lights. Twelve tetal components are divided between six individual smoke launchers, a two part ATGM. A hatch-mounted spotlight, as well as the main gun and its slaved IR spotlight. No customization is available and all hatches come moulded shut, so no exposed crew for anyone so inclined.


Both the sculpt and cast quality for this kit are sensational. Given its size, I was concerned there would be a fair amount of cleanup. Much to my delight there was only one bubble hold that needed filling, an error that was fixable in about a minute. Flash was extremely minimal, and the kit itself was a joy to throw together, taking less than half an hour all told. Both the resin and the metal components are high quality and have no residue, requiring no cleanup to paint.


 There is really very little to critique about this kit - it hits all the marks and hits them well. If I had any niggle, it would be that the hatches are moulded shut, as it might be nice to put a commander or some crew in, but in all honestly, this is not something that bothers me. Customer service from Red Star was also stellar - the entire ordering process was only about a week from start to end, which when shipping from Europe to Australia, is practically teleportation!

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