Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Multiscale Syrians

I'm back! Working on a bunch of stuff at multiple scales, including two parallel takes on the Syrian conflict: one in 28mm and one in 15mm, possibly because I have mental issues.

Having done a few 28mm infantry figs I thought I'd try my hand at a SAAF tank. Given their cheapness, I decided to pick up a Kitech T-72M off the Bayz.  Once thing I've always liked about this particular vehicle was the peculiar positioning of the smoke launcher on the front of the turret. Perhaps not the smartest engineering choice out there?

While some times feeling a bit more like a toy than a proper kit, once I got some paint on their I think it turned out fine.

This is a really big kit at 1/48, so a bit larger vis a vis 28mm infantry than in real life. I remember seeing one hauled back from Iraq at Benning and being wowed at how my chest was considerably higher than the deck. Teeny compared to something like the Abrams.

I also did up some SAAF infantry in 15mm using Battlefront's Arab infantry from the new Fate of a Nation range. Although the gear isnt a precise match to the current Syrian army gear (lack of K-pots and assault vests), I figure at this scale and with the correct paint job, they fit the bill quite nicely. I'll also mix in some flytrap factor infantry just to keep things interesting in the months to come.

 photo 15Syrinf1.jpg photo 15Syrinf2.jpg

Compared with their big brother in 28mm -

 photo 15Syrinf3.jpg

Also, something completely different, I did up a test vehicle for a Sci fi project I've had on the back burner for a while now. The idea is to make up a 15mm company of USCMC, Aliens style. This is what I picture as the future M1114, complete with twin smartguns.

 photo LUV3-1.jpg photo LUV2.jpg photo LUV1-1.jpg


  1. Great work as usual. I like the comparison shot of the two LMG gunners. It looks like a father-son photo!

    What did you use for the smart guns on Scifi project?


    1. spares from these guys -

  2. Cute comparison between the Two LMG Gunenrs!

    Great work on the T-72 man!