Friday, September 19, 2014

Review: Crescent Root Studios 15mm Middle Eastern City

As the awful wargames nerds we all are, we always are on the lookout for 'that' terrain to put down on the table that will really set it apart from the usual cloth grass and shoebox building affair we typically deal with.
Its not often that I am utterly blown away by a product to the point that I need to start rethinking everything I've taken for granted in hobby, but the new Middle Eastern city released by Crescent Root in 15mm presents precisely that problem. Combining ridiculously low price with extreme quality, its the pre painted buildings produced by this small company are phenomenal.

The first thing you notice when you get the buildings is that each comes in their own nice fitted boxes. Protip: DO NOT THROW THESE OUT UPON UNBOXING! They are excellent means to store the units safely!

 photo 698C880B-100D-43F3-832B-C92569EEA7DC-329-0000005BC5871F53_zps602476bc.jpg

The first thing you will probably think upon opening the boxes is "Oh my, colors!". Yes, that's right, these babies are all prepainted. Not only that, but they are textured and cleaned up as well.

 photo 7CA26C47-AD5E-4B5B-9462-B5D3189F9C81-329-0000005B7A875210_zpsc3d7eca8.jpg

Although printed on high quality MDF, the team over at CR have taken the time to spackle the walls, creating the ubiquitous rough, sandy texture found throughout Middle East architecture.

 photo B4BE14A1-2885-44A1-B194-A79E541FCBC2-329-0000005BB40BE621_zpse442e069.jpg

Buildings are not simply painted in monotone, but come in a variety of dusky shades, with nice subtle weathering effects.

 photo 612CC7B4-D58A-4D58-8A90-B645D3BC6C17-329-0000005B9F75EE0A_zpsfac658c0.jpg

Most come with their own city tile bases, further adding to the overall quality feel. They even have added bushes and undergrowth.

 photo 991D6ECD-2704-4DBF-AF0F-627CD1259C87-329-0000005B5F5F73E2_zpsc95e9b13.jpg

The buildings are not simply urban dwellings, however, and CR have taken the time to add shopfront signs and even finer details like carved doors, window frames, shutters and archways.

 photo E78162BB-951E-4738-A061-C4D36C913A8E-329-0000005B8CA1627D_zps8d5abad2.jpg

 photo C399F37A-1238-4982-A1F5-5AF31155BA34-329-0000005B2FF63AFE_zps6b7fbceb.jpg

 photo 4AD6762A-926E-4AE3-BBDA-5556E5EDAA78-329-0000005B1A9907EC_zpscc83438a.jpg

In addition, almost all the buildings have removable roofs and some are even multistory!

 photo EF3CFA1D-A6A5-4659-844F-E6E4B0006809-329-0000005B4F4F5AE0_zps9433cead.jpg

 photo DCE5E20E-7B42-4665-B33F-EAE939BA828C-329-0000005AF5907C33_zps7b83bf4b.jpg

 photo DEB3086C-C2C8-419D-B405-03A2AC41A629-329-0000005AF22B4F60_zps149a15cd.jpg

Hell, there is even one that includes a side shade and removable palms.

 photo 308890E8-E8EC-44F5-9E3D-068EBB386105-329-0000005B051B07C6_zps53b5f191.jpg

The city in total:

 photo 43827F3D-B2E3-446E-8658-CCA33B1436CF-329-0000005ACDFD9887_zps73301ad9.jpg

One might expect to pay upwards of 500 dollars for a piece of art like this, but the CR guys sent it my way for just over 200 USD + around 40 shipping. For those of us who don't have copious time and patience to work on terrain , the deal offered by Crescent Root is a no brainer. I literally have nothing negative to say about this product and suggest if you are wargaming anywhere from South Asia to Syria, go pick up a bunch of these right now!


  1. Thank for posting, I just bought "Building Set 1" from them with the entire price still under $40 US including shipping. Can't wait until they release the European houses. This is a great alternative to some of the other, more expensive sets out there.

  2. I was very impressed with the pictures on the Crescent Root site, but your review has put me over the top...time to go order a few of these building sets! Thanks!

  3. That small building with the dome : the base looks unpainted?